Music Operations


Back in 1988 Ricco had a vision after meeting a d.j. from ksmk aka kiss fm in Cottonwood Arizona. And knowing the operation of the station, he long has had the dream if being a live d.j.

In 1993 his dream became a reality as he was hired to d.j. a small college radio station with the call, ktec with the slogan, “all the way to the left”

As his popularity greew he then turned ti mobile, and took off big. With his friend Shabbir, they became the most popular d.j. company In Oregon, the run lasted till 99 when ricco walked away and started a new career on the computer sector, as music and technology became one, Ricco was drawn back and started online, in 2010 Ricco joined the hypnotik team and has been training and doing work behind-the-scenes. In this time he became married and new work and has 3 beautiful children. And coming back to d.j. will be a ride, so new hights and endless possibilities.

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