Music has become a way of life for me. My journey with music started when I was very young. I always found peace in listening to music. As a teen I remember being angry and blasting Eminem. As raw as he is that helped me feel better. I even tried to record some music myself. This was a hobby for me, but it also became a way for me to express myself. Because I am not a rapper or anything close I began writing poetry, (something I was actually pretty good at).This made music an outlet for me and furthered my love for music.
In 2010, after spending years working with children, I wanted to get more into the music scene. I started helping out a friend that had an up and coming record label. Doing this and seeing that this could be an avenue to get more involved with music, I decided to start a management company. This was the launch of something great. While looking for stations that played indie music I ran into a DJ that said he did. He was, DJ Ice, from Hypnotik radio.
I spent the next few years growing my management company and working with Hypnotik Radio to get my artists music heard. I was sad to see Hypnotik go, but had made some lifelong friends in the process. Over the time that Hypnotik was not on air myself and Derek, Hypnotik CEO/Founder, both worked on our own ventures, but grew to become one of each other’s best friends.
Bringing this story all the way current, I love all things music and Hypnotik was one of them. So when we started talking about bringing Hypnotik back I was on board 100%. Given all the things I have learned along the years and the bond between I and Derek, I was given the opportunity to be more than just a listener or an indie music entrepreneur. This time I am really a part of Hypnotik Radio. Ready for the fun times and exciting new paths. Make sure you buckle up because this is going to be crazy! Listen in you may even hear me online DJ’ing my own show!

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