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Joe Reese started performing when he was 14 years old, back when hip hop artists were few and far between in Wisconsin. At that time there were only a few individuals that were making any noise on the scene. After a few years, he put together a small company of artists called DMR Entertainment. It was one of the first few rap specific companies in the greater Green Bay Area.

Throughout the years Joe Reese has made many changes to the people he has performed with and associates with musically. Joe Reese has his own producer, Jay A (HitMonsta Productions) from Tennessee, that he has been working with pretty much since the beginning. Together the two have made many very memorable tracks which are defined by the signature trumpets and southern style found in many of the HitMonsta instrumentals.

Joe Reese is one of few nationally touring rap artists from Wisconsin, and along with Handz Onn and SQ they are the Alcoholic Allstars. He is a business minded individual that places his music at such a standard it can often take years for him to release a new album, with the idea that each song must be perfectly tailored for the audience. In his live performances he tends to show off his dance/pop music, but on his albums you can almost always find a multifaceted variety of music to suit any taste.

Joe Reese is also a member of the American Society of Composers. Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP) and Vice-President of the software and multimedia company called Geekz Multimedia.

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