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Talking about music for me is like talking about my oldest and closest friend. Music is something that has always been there for me. I have always had a love for all kinds of music. I remember growing up music always meant a good time. I have a large family and every time everyone got together music was the thing that seemed to make everyone happy. Even as a little girl I remember loving all the music and knowing all the words to songs like Super Woman by Karyn White, Oh Sheila by Ready For the World, and various Michael Jackson songs.

As I got a little older I took to many different genres and artists from Alanis Morissette to No Doubt and from Aerosmith to Leann Rimes. I gained a love for many different types of music. I never really did too much with music besides sing in the shower and in my car, listen endlessly, and create my own little “remixes” to songs that would probably be considered parodies today.

My love for music never changed. Actually getting into the music industry is something that happened almost by accident. In 2009 I married a person that loves music just as much as I do, KC. We are the people that will give any song a chance, listen to all different kinds of music, and allow music to be a big part of our lives. In 2011, she expressed a desire to start an artist management company. We jumped in head-first. I was not sure where it would all go but I still dedicated myself to this venture because I love her and I love music. The business took off and that was history. Along the way KC Got involved with Hypnotik Radio. We used to listen all the time. There was great music, great DJ’s, and a lot of fun.
Now it’s 2015. KC and Derek have become the best of friends. Every time we had a problem of the last few years (hosting, website, computer or otherwise) Derek was always there to help us (because he is so great at all that computer stuff), when KC (also a computer whiz), could not solve it. When KC told me that Derek and herself were talking about starting Hypnotik back I got excited. This is something that I am honored to be a part of. The music industry is a hard one to be in so doing something like this is all fun. With a variety of music and talk shows, the combination of so many lovers of music, and everybody’s desire to have a blast Hypnotik is taking its rightful spot back in online radio. From music to talk shows listeners are what we have in store. This will be epic so stay tuned!

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