Where do I start… I’m gonna just go with it and write up, me. So where do I begin? How bout childhood. I guess that is a start. I remember having a walkman at a young age. 13 probably, maybe younger. My mom used to get upset because I would always be listening to vulgar music as loud as possible. As a young teen the music industry always interested and influenced me in good and bad ways. I was a little thug, I thought anyways. But I felt the urban music the most. As I got older I experimented with this and that…. you know… which got me involved loving music like Pink Floyd. Some years later ( in between is a blur ) I was into a lot of rock. Oh I almost forgot I used to love Country driving around with my mom as a real young kid. About 17 – 18 I got into the club scene music along with urban and basically been stuck on that style ever since. As I write this I’m 31 years young. Amazing how time has flow by. I have moved all over the states but have come back home to where I belong, for now. I met the most amazing woman ever and as Beyonce says better put a ring on it and that is what I did. She is one of our business managers here, Carly. We have two wonderful dogs and a happy life. Couldn’t ask for much more.

Now to the story of Hypnotik. I noticed in my early 20’s that online radio was becoming a big thing. I knew a online radio owner and I owe some credit because I got the idea of starting my own from her, Crista was her name. I was already a computer nerd and was building websites as well as hosting them, before I even became a legit web hosting provider which I am now. I own hostingtheniverse.com which is the best job I ever had. It’s nice to own your own thing. So with all that said I built a site, I got the proper tools, and created Hypnotik Radio October 4 of 2006. I had a lot of local and online contacts at the time so I brought them all along for the ride. Creating talk shows to amazing music shows. I met a lot of friends and great talent through the years and industry. It lasted about 6 years and then I just felt it wasn’t going where I wanted it to go so I let it go. The whole thing just dropped in the blink of a eye.

After about 3 years and one of my best friends, Keyana Moore, with her support we decided to bring this station back! My wife and her wife are also involved in this new era of Hynotik as our business managers. All 4 of us are true entrepreneurs with many online businesses that we love but we wanted to find another that would be fun as hell. The entertainment music industry is a blast! So here we are now with the rebirth of Hypnotik Radio. Look forward to listening to my music shows and never miss my talk shows. I get some drank in me with some co-hosts and you’ll never know what you’re gonna hear. We might just put you on air. Fun times ahead! Hypnotik Radio is back!

UPDATE: After KC read this, she informed me October 4th is her birthday. How insane is that? I’m not very superstitious but I would like to think that is what we call destiny.

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